Aircraft Lease Return Assistance

Proper management of lease returns is crucial to mitigate potential financial implications for your organisation. Our expert assistance as Lessor or Lessee can effectively minimise such impact by navigating the complex and time-consuming transaction process.

Return preparation

Adequate preparation, ideally commencing 6-12 months before the anticipated return date, is essential. CIEL stands ready to aid lessors or lessees in meticulous planning and coordination with a workflow process outlined as follows:

  • Initial planning meeting with associated parties.
  • Analysis of lease return conditions as per the lease agreement.
  • Establishment and consensus on the project plan.
  • Initial assessment of aircraft records to identify correction requirements.
  • Selection of MRO for inspection and slot allocation, and contract negotiation.
  • Initial assessment to determine aircraft status.
  • Finalisation of actual date for re-delivery.


The commencement of the re-delivery phase will be based on the preceding preparation phase. Upon entering this phase, the records will be meticulously documented and a thorough re-delivery folder will be created, where reports will be consistently filed and presented at designated intervals. Following the inspection’s conclusion, the folder will be finalised and submitted to the client for archival purposes. The tasks to be performed during this phase include:

  • A detailed review of aircraft records for regulatory compliance.

  • Ensure aircraft conformity to the original type design certification.

  • Review modifications and supplementary type certificate requirements for compliance.

  • Evaluate damage history and repair records for adherence to requirements.

  • Review life-limited and time-controlled component status for lease return compliance.

  • Evaluate next-due maintenance events and provide pro-rating recommendations.

  • Assess rectification of defects to ensure an acceptable resolution.

  • Inspect component records to verify compliance with lease conditions and associated certifications.

  • Assess applicability and make recommendations in alignment with leasing terms regarding PMA parts.

  • Physical inspection of the aircraft including all major components, structure, windshields, windows, landing gears, flight controls, engines, aircraft interior furnishings and IFE systems, and provide lease-term-conforming recommendations.

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of discrepancies between the actual aircraft condition and the lease return conditions.

  • Finalise the work scope for the return based on gap analysis and revise the project plan in consensus with all parties.

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