Unlock extraordinary achievements with proprietary data, expert analysis, and bold thinking for visionary leaders.

Ciel Consultancy: Your trusted aviation management consulting partner, serving global investors, airlines, airports, and aerospace companies. We offer independent, objective counsel for data-driven strategies, capital allocation, resource prioritization, and risk management. Your success is our purpose.

We see ourselves as a forward-looking group of passionate aviation professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Who we are?

We are a team of experienced aviation consultants and executives, widely recognized for our expertise in thought leadership, quantitative analytics, and pioneering solutions. With a multinational team of specialists in business strategy, corporate finance, operations, data analytics, aerospace technology, and aviation management, we offer a rich pool of knowledge and skills to every client collaboration.

What we do?

We offer comprehensive aviation and aerospace consulting services, covering strategy development, business planning, operational enhancement, and transaction support. Our diverse clientele includes airlines, manufacturers, MRO providers, aircraft lessors, as well as financial/investment firms.

Where we operate?

Ciel Aviation Consultancy serves a global clientele, with offices strategically located in New York, Dublin, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore.  With extensive experience in diverse markets, both emerging and established, we are equipped to offer our clients a wide-ranging outlook and a profound comprehension of the industry from global, regional, and local standpoints.

Looking for a First-Class aviation Business Consultant?

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